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WOWS "Ver Sacrum"


Artist: WOWS
Album: Ver Sacrum
Genre: Post-Metal, Atmospheric, Post-Black
Origin: Verona (Italy)
Support: CD Digipack- Limited Edition
Notes: Download code inside
Release Date : April 3, 2020
Labels: Coypu Records; Dio Drone, Shove Records, Hellbones Records
Cat #: CYU-27
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Video: Mythras

“Ver Sacrum” was a sacred ritual practice in ancient Italy before the rise of the Roman Empire. The children born in a specific month of the year (in spring) were taken and raised as colonizers of new territories.

We chose this name for our album because we also wanted to explore and conquer new sonic territories, as well as for its mystical and mysterious taste that is also in our music.

“Ver” means “spring”, and the album is published in full spring. Unfortunately in this particular spring, a pandemic never seen before took over the world. We are glad to publish our music now, we hope to give comfort to the solitude that many are experiencing and we hope that this hard time come soon to an end.”